Business Connectivity has gone beyond connecting multiple devices to the internet. Our Carrier-grade network offers Corporate Clients the right environment to build Infrastructure that aligns

Simplifying Business Connectivity.

The complexity of delivering more productive business connectivity has gone beyond just connecting devices to the Internet. Our experts Solution Design and Delivery Team, understand current market gaps and pain points that larger Corporates are experiencing – and we have tailored our our solutions design to bridge these gaps.

Hybrid Network – Cable & Wireless.

Our carrier-grade network offers Corporate Clients the flexibility and right environment to create and align their connectivity requirements with their business operations.

The Afcom’s Enterprise network is physically diverse, providing customers increased reliability, improved pricing, and time to provision advantages.

Our dedicated support and provisioning teams are unparalleled – offering world-class service level commitment, hybrid network with the most robust routing logic, and the best-in-class service recovery process to keep your operations Always On.

Network Designed Beyond ‘Interneting’

Our Corporate solutions are not only limited to Internet connectivity which is the current norm in the market; we have gone beyond the basics;

With the Afcom Enterprise-Grade network, you can implement a single, reliable platform for all your telecommunications needs. Working with a single provider can help you increase efficiency, minimize operational costs, and free up IT resources to spend more time focused on business-enhancing projects and opportunities.

Connect Dispersed Offices, Branches And Clients

Our network enables you to seamlessly and reliably connect geographically dispersed branch offices, systems, applications, data, and people, anytime, anywhere.

Drive Higher Branch Office Productivity

Extend advanced network technology to all your locations to improve staff efficiency and extend service offerings that drive revenue at more client touchpoints.

Hybrid Network – Cable & Wireless

We have designed our network with a single vendor orientation to support your primary link via fiber deployment and wireless as secondary link to provide redundancy and traffic protection.

Self healing Network

The only enterprise network in the market designed to provide primary and second connectivity as a single package. Our automated failover enables our network to offer full redundancy.

Increase Productivity

In today’s fast moving market environment, your business cannot afford a downtime; our hybrid delivery network built with a strong orientation of productivity and efficiency to keep your business always on.

IT Opex Optimization

Our one network solution delivery approach help your business to centralize your IT operational cost from multi vendor to a single vendor-approach, saving your business the cost of maintaining and managing multiple service providers.