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Virtual Private Network

Leveraging the flexibility and intelligence of IP routing to reliably transport information.

Your network needs to support more complex and performance-sensitive traffic to accommodate the current demands of your business. With the increase in the number of bandwidth intensive multimedia and real-time applications, the availability of fast, cost effective, secure and reliable data communications between geographically diverse locations is important.

Whether these locations are internal branches or the offices of your customers or suppliers, the quality of the data connection between them is an essential element of your success.

Why Afcom’s IP Business VPN?

Afcom Business IP VPN service provides Corporates with a connectivity solution that enables growth and expansion to any location while reducing cost and increasing productivity. Based on Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology, Afcom Business IP VPN leverages the flexibility and intelligence of IP routing to reliably transport your data. This allows you to implement a highly effective and secure communication environment amongst several offices and extend the reach of your existing enterprise network by simply and efficiently interconnecting new locations.


Afcom Business IP superior traffic engineering capabilities ensure less data lost in transmission, retries and delays.

Business Continuity

Better protection against outages or disasters provided by the ability of the Afcom Business IP VPN to quickly establish a connection between any two sites in the network and therefore ensuring timely access to a backup site in case of an outage.


Better operational control through comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities built in into the Afcom Business IP VPN service and available to customers through our customer portal.


Ideally suited for customer networks from as little as two locations to hundreds or thousands of locations within Sierra Leone and around the world. Afcom offers a wide array of dedicated access options from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps Ethernet.

Easy Adoption Of New Applications

Afcom Business IP VPN capacity of handling almost any type of traffic opens an easy migration path to productivity enhancing new Unified Communications applications like videoconferencing, presence, collaboration, etc.

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