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Delivering a comprehensive Infrastructure as a service with the best-in-class uptime and service level commitment.

For decades IT departments have been enabling business processes through internal infrastructure. As our world moves faster and businesses have to innovate to survive, IT teams are being challenged to come up with more efficient and timely ways to make it all happen, and they have to do it faster with declining budgets. Some are turning to “Cloud” as a solution. By out-tasking some of their infrastructure they are finding the cloud to be scalable, faster to deploy and cheaper than doing it the traditional way.

Any business who is exploring their cloud computing options should be aware of the importance of cloud access, or how they will connect to the cloud, to ensure that this connection is secure and reliable. The performance of the network defines the end-user experience – if a company’s connections to the cloud are not highly reliable, secure and available, then the cloud will not deliver full capabilities.

Cloud Infrastructure

Afcom Cloud Compute is a business grade, agile, cloud infrastructure located in Sierra Leone. This managed Infrastructure as a Service solution is built to meet strict requirements and to support the most demanding applications in the industry. It provides organizations with an on-demand, virtualized infrastructure that can be rapidly deployed when business objectives demand it. Our service leverages proven, best-in-class Vblock technology from EMC®, VMware® and Cisco® combined with our expertise in managed hosting and application availability.

It offers multiple layers of protection, including dedicated virtual machines with redundant firewalls for data integrity and security, monitored 24/7 within Afcom secure data center.

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