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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Afcom is Always On to offer you the best in-class disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

Natural and human-made disasters are an unfortunate reality in our world. As recent examples around the globe have proven, communications systems can be severely affected when disaster strikes.

It’s a fact of life that disasters are more common than you might imagine. One in three businesses has reported one in the last five years – and sadly, the threat of outages due to system failure and ransomware attacks is increasing all the time. Malware and Ransomware attacks can compromise the security of not just your corporate data, but that of your customers as well, leaving you with substantial legal liabilities and tarnishing the brand.

Disaster Recovery

With Afcom as your trusted partner, you can protect your entire IT environment simply and cost-effectively. Our fully-managed off-site Disaster Recovery (DR) service will make sure your business gets back up and running quickly, even when the unthinkable happens. The real beauty of our DRS offering lies in its flexibility.

We realize that not every organization or service requires near-zero recovery times, so you’ll be able to manage the cost of protecting your different services, depending on their business value.


Physical & Virtual Machine Recovery

We can recover your virtual or physical machines to any point in time, with a service tailored to meet your recovery objectives and environment complexity. You’ll have complete visibility of your recovery point objectives (RPOs), thanks to our simple dashboard.

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